Far-Right Activity

“The Base” Main Recruiter Arrested by FBI

“The Base” is a neonazi terror network working to recruit people to fight a race war. Among their stated goals is installing allies into the military, the police, etc. The Base has a cell operating at Sierra College and posting recruitment material around campus on a regular basis.

In many cases, their members will be outed by activists and then fired from the police, military, etc. One such case is Patrik Mathews who was fired by the Canadian military last year andĀ fled Canada to hide in America with members of the neonazi terror network.

This week, the FBI arrested him and several others in Maryland. Mathews was an explosives expert with the Canadian military and was found to have thousands of rounds of ammunition as well as several makeshift weapons and assault rifles at the time of his arrest.

The FBI has also made numerous other recent arrests related to The Base. Very exciting news!